Permanent Make-Up

Permanent Make-Up

Permanent Make-Up Is Not All Cosmetic

The subject of permanent make-up often conjures up pictures of women too busy to put their eyeliner on straight in the mornings. And mention tattoos, images of biker babes with colorful arms are evoked. But permanent make-up has come a very long way from the days of tattoo parlors and pricey plastic surgeons. Make-up permanently applied, which is actually a tattoo, uses scientifically tested inks and is used for far more than just indulging cosmetic whims.

More Than A Pretty Face

Permanent makeup is a process of applying permanent ink into the skin. People choose this procedure for several different purposes.

  • Fill in eyebrows that are missing or have little definition
  • Apply eye liner and lash enhancement
  • Cover scar tissue by correcting skin color inconsistencies
  • Create fuller lips or add shape to poorly defined lips
  • Repigment aureolas after a mastectomy
  • Repigment areas of skin that have color variations
  • By the list, you can see that there are many reasons other than cosmetic for choosing permanent make-up. Our features are often what make the first impression. Though looks are not important compared to the inner being, we all want to look as good as possible. Often, it is a matter of self-esteem. If we don’t feel comfortable in our own skin, literally, then it makes us self-conscious. Abnormalities that can be easily repaired with micropigmentation (permanent make-up) mean the difference between having an unnatural versus a natural appearance.

    Skin Deep

    They say beauty is only skin deep and this is true with permanent make-up. Surgery can often leave a devastating mark – devastating only to you. Permanent make-up offers a way to restore your natural beauty without surgery.

  • Repair loss of eyebrows due to chemotherapy treatments
  • Cover up burn marks
  • Offer a way for someone with a trembling hand to always look her best
  • Allows someone with allergies to wear make-up and always look cosmetically good
  • Gives people heavily involved in athletics who sweat a lot freedom from worry about make-up
  • Permanent make-up is useful for both women and men. It also can be utilized by all ages and all skin types.

    Safety First

    The permanent make-up industry is controlled by local regulation. But the Food and Drug Administration reports and investigates complaints. When you decide to get permanent make-up, there are certain basic rules you must follow for your own safety. Permanent make-up is permanent make-up coloring. Anything you do permanently, you want to make sure you get the best treatment and the best service. Make sure the ink the spa or tattoo facility uses is approved for use by appropriate agencies. Also, only use clean facilities. The application of permanent make-up requires the use of needles for insertion of the colored pigment. You want to be sure that proper cleanliness rules are followed.

    After a procedure, there may be some swelling or blistering. If the swelling persists, or you are not comfortable with the results, see a physician. Legitimate permanent make-up professionals are trained in proper techniques. Like any true professional they will do a good job, but you must still be alert for problems.

    Permanent make-up is a great way to restore your natural appearance. The days of biker babes are over! Tattooing has moved to the spa!