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One point can''t be emphasized enough. Weight loss takes time

after pregnancy. A sensible... more and also Find Our Top 5 Sites for Weight Loss

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Weight Loss After Pregnancy - The Final Word

One point can''t be emphasized enough. Weight loss takes time

after pregnancy. A sensible goal would be to lose 1-2 pounds per

week, particularly if you are looking for the weight you gained

Eating a well balanced diet and partaking in regular exercise

are the critical success factors for weight loss after

pregnancy. Fad diets will not work, and may actually work

against you in the long run.

Exercise is a vital component of weight loss after pregnancy.

Many people simply are not able to lose the weight they gained

unless they exercise, particularly if there metabolism has

slowed at all in the months post partum.

If you are getting exercise on a regular basis and eating well,

but still not losing weight a year or more after you give birth

to your baby, seek out the advice of your health care provider.

There are a number of conditions that may arise after delivery

that can contribute to weight gain, none the least of which are

thyroid abnormalities which are sometimes very common after

Remember also that every person is unique, and all women will

respond to an exercise and fitness plan differently. You may put

two women on the same program that have the same amount of

weight to lose, yet there results will ultimately be different

depending on a number of personal and biological factors.

The point here is that you should not compare yourself to

others! Remember that as long as you are eating well and

exercises, you are creating a lifestyle of healthy living that

will ultimately benefit you individually as the unique person

And finally, remember to stay positive. Society puts far too

much pressure on women to lose the weight they gained during

pregnancy. There is no rush, you will lose the weight and feel

great in the process. In the meantime be sure to be good to

yourself, reward yourself for your successes no matter how

small, and remember to smile from time to time!

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