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We have been busy here at Bloom’en Nutrition trying to get our delicious little vitamin soft chews into as many markets as possible.  Our product can now be found in mass distribution accross the country and we are actively courting Whole Foods market to carry our brand.

In addition to our sales activities, we had the opportunity to go to the San Diego Baby Time Expo this weekend.  It was a great event!  A lot of moms turned out to see the latest in baby gear, and we got to meet many of the people that we have been working with on various promotional projects, including people from the Bump and Milkalicious

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Things are Heating Up in the World of Chewable Prenatal Vitamins

It has been a busy couple of weeks here at Bloom’en Nututrition chewable prenatal vitamins. Our distributors are starting to place products in retail health stores across the country, and our promotion both online and off-line are gaining traction. Interestingly on the retail side, the geographic market that is most interested in carrying our chewable prenatal vitamins is actually in Florida. This is fantastic, but living in California, it means that the Bloom’en team will be racking up those frequent flyer miles.

In addition to getting penetration into the retail market, our promotional initiatives are starting to take hold. Over the next few months, look for Bloom’en in a number of mom and baby events as well as coming to an OB/GYN office near you.

Online, we are working with a number of fantastic mom and baby bloggers to help them promote their own sites as well as Bloom’en. If you are interested in creating a Bloom’en contest or promotion to promote your own blog or mommy site, let us know. We are also actively tweeting, looking for fans on Facebook, and making a good number of friends on MothersClick, CafeMom, and of course the Bump. A number of blogs, including Due Maternity have mentioned our chewable prenatal vitamin and the outpouring of support from everyone has been fantastic.

Thank you for all of your help and support, and if you would like to try the Bloom’en Nutrition Prenatal Vitamin Chews and write about them on your blog, let us know.

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