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In order to succeed at weight loss I’ve found that I have to love myself more. I’ve had to forgive myself for the times I overeat or make the wrong choices. I’ve had to acknowledge that I am going to fall down many more times, forgive myself and get back up.

I’ve had to deal with depression on and off my whole life and only recently I’ve been able to pull myself out of it without the help of food and alcohol. I’ve learned that at the times I’m feeling stressed and overwhelmed, the times when I made bad choices in attempts to deal with it, I will get still. I withdraw into the safety and tranquility of my mind and ask for help and strenth from my source. Sometimes it means going to bed very early or going for a drive or reading spiritual and motivational books and magazines. I let myself be down instead of trying to cover it up.

I’ve learned to love myself enough to use EFT every day. This is a form of energy psychology that works amazingly well. You just have to use it. I have to remind myself to do so. It just involves tapping on some key energy points on the body and being clear about what it is you need help with. It’s amazingly easy and powerful but you have to be prepared for changes that will take place, some of which you hadn’t outwardly asked for. Best to use it with someone trained in this method.

I’ve started another blog that deals with depression but for me, depression and weight gain go hand in hand. Someday I’ll need to combine the 2 blogs if there is interest and if I feel I’m this is helping anyone.

Yes, my weight is dropping, not to the degree I had hoped for but I am reminded that I’ve made some profound changes in my life, things that were creating chaos and stress, things I needed the excess weight to help me cope. Now that I’m making the needed changes I feel more peaceful. I’m still re-learning how to be. I look at my food choices now as gifts I’m giving myself, nutrient dense foods that heal not destroy. I look at my time on the treadmill as a blessing and priviledge, a time to be with God and not a sacrifice in any way. Life is slowly making more sense. Soon I feel the weight will come off faster. I’m close now.

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This is what my excess weight has felt like to me for some time now. It’s no longer my cross-to-bear. 

I’m calling my weight loss approach the “back door plan”, meaning that I sought out the source of why I overate (and drank) and worked on that so the weight loss I’m experiencing now will be permanent. I’m using EFT on a daily basis now. I tap for things like “Even though I still have this anxiety about ….., I deeply and completely accept myself.” These simple statements have been bringing deep insights into why I react to things the way I do, why I have certain fears and insecurities and why I can’t seem to get unstuck, which by the way, i am unsticking quite nicely now, planning my next business venture in holistic health.

It’s critical to realize that once you start delving into the subconscious world, all sorts of interesting things start to change. I wasn’t quite prepared for the depths of changes that I needed to make to be able to let the excess weight go. It’s a process where you start getting these insights. For example, I realized I can’t go back into working in conventional medicine. My heart is in holisitic healing and when I try to fit in where I don’t belong I use overeating and drinking as a way to cope with the discomfort that comes with that.

I also found you have to get out of the way and let the healing happen. Don’t dwell on it. Look for ways to be happy, do things you enjoy. You have to really believe you deserve happiness and good health before it can manifest. That’s a tough one because as overweight folks, we do some pretty hefty self-depricating.

It is quite profound how this works and so incredibly simple. My appetite is very small now, I’m not anticipating my next meal, I only desire nutrient dense food and alcohol just doesn’t do it for me anymore. I am dropping about 4 lbs a week now. I have 70 to go.

My sadness now is that try as I may I can’t seem to get a grip on this blog. I know I’m having some issues with being able to focus but I have spent an inordinate amount of time trying to figure out the inner workings of this site and still can’t get a decent theme to load. I’m also saddened that so few people seem to be viewing my words. I started this blog to help others not only with weight loss but other issues to help improve lives and I don’t seem to be succeeding in that. Doesn’t help that I just got this great new laptop with Vista on it and I had to spend time figuring all that out. Maybe I need to use EFT to help with my technology issues.

Oh yes, I took a “Before” picture that I will post as soon as I feel “safe” in my weight loss. It’s agonizing seeing myself as this fat person that I am which is why I haven’t posted a picture before now.

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