The Art of Acupressure Diagnosis By Touch

The Art of Acupressure Diagnosis By Touch
Saturday, 03 June 2006

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Would you ever believe that someone could diagnose what is wrong with you simply be touching you? It''s possible, with the ancient art of acupressure.

Acupressure is a method of diagnosing an illness or condition by reading the flow of energy through the body. Interestingly, acupressure plays both the diagnostic and treatment roles in the process.

Of course, before anyone can ever be treated they must first be diagnosed. In an acupressure treatment facility acupressure is used first to diagnose what is wrong with the patient. Acupressure is based on the theory that the body has fourteen meridians traveling through it.

Each of these meridians is attached to a specific body organ. When a meridian develops a blockage the body is adversely affected and diagnosing and removing the blockage through acupressure is the only way to cure the patient.

An acupressure specialist will tell you that the energy meridians of the body are imaginary. This is a concept that seems strange to the uninitiated but is a vital fact in acupressure.

A malfunctioning meridian is diagnosed by reading pulses, also imaginary, in the meridians. These pulses can only be read by a trained acupressure practitioner.

To properly read the energy pulses in a meridian an acupressure expert will check the pulses at two different levels. Using acupressure, the first level that the acupressure professional will check is the superficial level.

Many times the acupressure consultant will find that the energy pulse is entirely missing at the superficial level. If this is so then the acupressure specialist will move on to read the energy level at the deep level.

Deep level energy pulses are very difficult to find. Only a highly trained acupressure expert can find them.

Absent energy pulses are an indication of a problem meridian to the acupressure expert. A missing shallow level pulse is indicative of a problem with that particular acupressure meridian.

If the acupressure examination finds a missing energy pulse at the deep level then it is indicative of a patient who is extremely far progressed in their illness or condition.

There is a true art to be found in using acupressure to read energy pulses. Not all pulses are the same. An acupressure examination will read elements of a pulse, such things as a pulses rhythm or speed.

Acupressure trainers tell us that some pulses are irregular, sometimes missing a beat, others are either fast or slow. Only a thorough training in acupressure can teach someone how to read and distinguish between the different pulses.

Acupressure is a fascinating and often misunderstood diagnostic and treatment tool. Perhaps with a bit more education people in the Western countires will come to understand and perhaps even trust acupressure as a viable healing option.

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